About Us

Blue Ocean Marine Services (BOMS) is a Joint Venture between Blue Ocean Marine Tech Systems and the Vertech Group. With a strong management team and a clear vision, the company is truly committed to drive positive change across the offshore industry by working in collaboration with clients and partners to increase efficiencies and lower costs. With a combination of unconventional thinking and decades of experience, they provide highly effective offshore survey solutions using leading-edge autonomous (unmanned) survey platforms and sensors.

The company’s approach is that of agility and innovation, developing and responding to client’s specific technology needs and project requirements in a time-efficient manner. This approach has seen the company quickly gain the attention of major clients across a variety of sectors and forge new ways into providing fit-for-purpose, cost-effective data acquisition solutions.

The Vertech Group is a coalition of specialist inspection providers, all of which are well established in the offshore inspection market. This collective includes:

Geo Oceans: who specialise in mini ROV inspection and marine class inspection services

Sonomatic: recognised as one of the market leaders in advanced non-destructive testing

AUAV: an award-winning aerial drone survey services and data solutions business

Vertech: (AU, NZ, USA) who have a decade of experience supporting in-service inspection, greenfield construction, brownfield maintenance and integrity management

Health, safety and environmental excellence

Blue Ocean Marine Services branded hard hat.

At Blue Ocean Marine Services our most important values are quality and the care we show for each other, our clients, and the environment. Accordingly, the highest standards of health, safety and environmental responsibility are prioritised throughout the business and in the delivery of our services.

The nature of our core business is inspection & testing, specialist maintenance, and specialist access in a wide range of sectors. This means it is absolutely essential that we deliver our services with safety, consistency, and reliability with no exceptions.

Vertech is committed to a safe and healthy working environment and consistently strives to improve not just our own safety performance, but those of our partners and peers. We work closely with our employees, partners, and clients to reinforce our positive culture, values, and HSE commitments.

Maintaining and evolving this commitment to safety is a key part of our business culture and we will continue to work closely with employees, clients, and stakeholders in order to maintain our outstanding record of incident-free operations.