Engineering & Environmental

Blue Ocean Marine Services has extensive experience in the planning and execution of meteorological, oceanographic, and environmental data acquisition programmes. A thorough understanding of site-specific hydraulic and coastal processes is essential for developing accurate predictions within the coastal environment.

We design data acquisition campaigns to provide a basis for understanding local conditions, developing cost-effective coastal engineering design criteria, and providing databases for the calibration or verification of numerical models.

Our group partner, Geo Oceans, utilise a proprietary habitat monitoring software (Go Visions) allowing for the creation of fine-scale habitat maps across large spatial areas. With the combined strength of our teams, we can deliver one of the most extensive environmental packages on the market.

Engineering & Environmental Packages

Engineering & Environmental services AUV.
Our Engineering and Environmental Packages include:
  • Hydrographic and Geophysical Surveys
  • Environmental and Ecological Surveys
  • Underwater Noise Assessments
  • Meteorological and Oceanographic Surveys
  • Discharge and Plume Monitoring
  • Leak Detection and Oil Spill Response

Engineering & Environmental Services

Engineering and environmental emergency response.
Our Engineering and Environmental Services include:
  • Side Scan Sonar Surveys
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Benthic Habitat Mapping
  • Water Quality Studies
  • Dredging and Spoil Disposal Monitoring
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM)
  • Desalination Plant Surveys
  • Real-time Monitoring Stations
  • Water and Sediment Sampling