Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)

Autonomous or unmanned survey vehicles are proven to positively impact your offshore projects by reducing cost, schedule, risk and logistics. The new generation of light-class AUV have furthered these benefits without any compensation of data accuracy, resolution or quality.


  • Low logistics, lightweight and portable
  • Reduced offshore staffing requirement
  • No complex lifting/recovery systems required
  • Obstacle avoidance through forward looking sonar
  • Shore launch/recovery possible
  • Battery powered
  • 300+ systems globally predominantly in defence and academic sectors


  • Significantly reduced costs compared to larger AUV / ROV operations
  • Operate from smaller vessels reducing project costs
  • Effective in shallow water environments
  • Rapid mobilisation and demobilisation
  • Rapid in-field servicing



  • Dual frequency side-scan sonar (600/1600 kHz)
  • Phase Differencing Bathymetry System (PDBS)
  • Water quality sensors (e.g. CTD, turbidity, DO, pH, rhodamine)
  • Digital camera and strobe
  • Towed magnetometer
  • Hydrocarbon sensors

Long-Range Subsea Gliders

We can deliver glider services in collaboration with our JV partner Blue Ocean Monitoring who have extensive experience in the deployment and management of these long-range and long-duration technologies. Autonomous gliders are extremely cost-effective in comparison to vessel-based monitoring campaigns, providing exceptional data quality with minimal health, safety and environmental implications.


  • Practical, lightweight and portable
  • Minimal staffing and vessel requirement
  • No complex lifting/recovery systems required
  • Shore launch/recovery possible
  • Battery powered
  • Worlds most prolific underwater glider platform, predominantly used in defence and academic sectors.


  • Data provided in near real-time through satellite telemetry
  • 2-way communication and control
  • Buoyancy propulsion allows deployment of weeks/months
  • Rapid mobilisation and demobilisation


  • Modular sensor payload
  • Water quality sensors (e.g. CTD, turbidity, DO, pH, oil, rhodamine etc.)
  • Hydrocarbon sensors (Oil, methane etc.)
  • PAM Hydrophones (PAM)

Metocean & Environmental Monitoring Systems

We maintain a wide range of operational monitoring tools that can be deployed in a number of ways, typically we design and build monitoring stations either installed on seafloor mooring frames, attached to vertical mooring lines or fixed on existing marine infrastructure.  We can also conduct synoptic surveys either towing or lowering instrumentation or sampling apparatus from survey vessels.

Metocean and environmental survey services.

Equipment we own and operate:

  • Directional wave buoys
  • Acoustic current meters and profilers (ADCP, AWAC, ADP)
  • Water level and water quality sensors
  • Meteorological stations
  • Water and sediment sampling systems
  • Real-time telemetry systems
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)